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What is oven baked food?

It’s a rare and pure process of producing food for pets, offering rich taste and exceptional nutritional value. In this process our food braises at a controlled temperature (80 °C) in a specially designed professional oven.

We use the term “rare” because there are multiple expenses compared to the common way of producing dry food through extruder machines that work with flour as a raw material.
On the contrary, in our production process there are losses of raw materials from 40% to 60% during baking. It takes 25 kilograms of fresh raw material to produce 10 kilograms of Aellis food. And last but not least, this kind of production, processing and packaging requires a numerous workforce.

Due to the complexity of this process and the specificity of the machines, for most companies this is not the first choice of food manufacturing. However, we have chosen to produce our products in this way so that we can use pure and fresh ingredients, as you would make it at home, without flour and preservatives.

High quality and fresh ingredients

Our basic goal is to produce high quality food, freshly cooked, keeping all nutrients intact. We achieve this by producing daily while enforcing a strict quality control of the raw materials.

We use selected fresh meat approved for human consumption from certified and high standard Greek livestock facilities and farms. Every day we receive a variety of vegetables from local producers, thus ensuring their freshness and the preservation of their vitamins. Furthermore we enrich our recipes with Superfoods and Greek virgin olive oil to make our products an ideal choice for feeding your pets.

Our recipes are designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet, providing a delicious meal of high quality.

Food without preservatives

We produce dog food in a homemade and pure way, without addition of preservatives and other chemical additives.

We have a continuous daily production and cover the needs of the market constantly with fresh batches of food whose maximum expiration date is 9 months.

With all natural ingredients and innovative ways of food production, such as slow baking, careful preservation in separate 500g packs and the enrichment of food with Greek virgin olive oil, we manage to extend the shelf life of our food because we believe in new health and natural nutrition standard for our pets.

With virgin olive oil

Greek virgin olive oil is well known for its purity and high quality, furthermore it has equally important benefits for our pets.

It is rich in antioxidants thus strengthening their immune system, protecting them from various diseases and improving their blood circulation.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, moisturizes the skin and strengthens the coat. We use high quality olive oil that has been produced according to the European Union’s requirements.


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